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Have you experienced a ‘REVERSE BAILOUT’?

A Reverse Bailout, by our definition, is when a consumer experiences an extraordinary decline in their finances resulting in extended debt and they turn to their lender or bank and are told…“We cannot help you”.  However, we all remember when the banks and big businesses were experiencing extraordinary declines in their finances as well as extended debt, and what were they told? Does something like ‘how much do you need’ sound familiar. We call that ‘Reverse Bailout’.

Our clients have much in common. They are good people who are uncertain, confused and fearful that they do not know how to stop this out of control debt and foreclosure cycle. Questions that we are always asked are:

  • How can they stop the harassing creditor telephone calls;
  • Whether to continue to pay 20+% interest on credit card debt or just stop and if they stop how does debt settlement work;
  • What happens if they stop paying their mortgage payment and what is the foreclosure process;
  • How does mortgage modification work;
  • What is a short-sale;
  • Whether their assets at risk; and
  • How can they move forward in their lives with dignity?

The circumstances for each client, as to how these debt and foreclosure issues have been thrust upon them and their family, are generally due to financial despair as a result of job loss, medical setbacks, declining income, divorce, or other unique reasons. Moreover, when people have made an attempt to get debt assistance from their banks or lenders they were either treated unfairly, mislead, rejected or as we put it suffered from ‘Reverse Bailout’.

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What Clients Are Saying About Us


“I am writing to say ‘THANK YOU’ for the efforts and patience of you and your dedicated team in making this process a success.” ~ Kimberly M.

“Thank you. You made a difference. May blessings be showered upon you daily!” ~ Nancy K.

“The Family Mortgage Counseling Law Firm headed by Attorney Howard Ullman and his dedicated staff has my undying gratitude for their hard work in favorably resolving my troublesome and complicated mortgage situation. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to whoever is facing mortgage or foreclosure problems, for they have proven to me that their creed is honesty, integrity and old-fashioned hard work.” ~ George G.