About Us

Howard F. Ullman, Esq.

Family Counseling Law Firm Founder Attorney Howard F. Ullman

Mr. Ullman retired in 2000 from Ullman & Ullman, P.A. the law firm that he founded in 1979.  After enjoying a couple years of retirement Mr. Ullman knew that he needed to be more active and decided to use his 40+ years of commercial law and banking experience to assist home owners through these difficult times, whether that meant defending a foreclosure law suit in order to obtain a modification for home retention or working through the short-sale process.

Hence came the birth of Family Counseling Law Firm on September 1, 2008 by Howard F. Ullman with a non-traditional objective.  The Client’s issues are approached based upon a Holistic, spiritual and pragmatic resolution.  Yes, there is traditional legal representation when defending a foreclosure action, but the heart and sole of the representation is to promote guidance and resolve for Clients.  It is the personal interaction with Clients through our unique ‘counseling and education’ as well as strategic planning, that has proven successful in assisting Clients to positively move forward in life.

Our mission is to find a financial and pragmatic solution for each Client.  Our proven philosophy is that whether you have a high school education or a post college degree, if we provide our Client’s with quality information the chance of making a good decision is greatly improved.  Our Clients have told us over and over again that because of our unique ‘counseling and education’ they are back on a good path to rebuilding their lives.