Family Counseling Law Firm is dedicated to providing our clients with the opportunity to obtain a loan modification in the case of home retention or a short sale if home retention is not available.  We will defend the lender’s foreclosure law suit in order to give our clients the opportunity to obtain a loan modification or short sale.  Most of your questions will be answered by browsing through our website.  Call or email us if you need further information.

Our clients have much in common.  They are good people who are uncertain, confused, and fearful that they do not know how to stop out of control debt and foreclosure. Let us help you find your financial solution. 

“Thank you. You made a difference.” ~ Nancy K. “Thank you for the efforts and patience of you and your dedicated team in making this process a success.” ~ Kimberly M. “[Family Counseling Law Firm] has my undying gratitude….I wholeheartedly recommend their services to whoever is facing mortgage or foreclosure problems, for they have proven to me that their creed is honesty, integrity and old-fashioned hard work.” ~ George G.